Fox Acres Community Services

A Brief History

As Ray Stenzel pursued his dream of a golf course at Fox Acres he consulted with many experts to ensure that his project was researched, planned and built to the highest standards. 

In 1969 THK Associates, Inc. were hired to take charge of planning and construction, including open spaces and non-golf common areas. As planning progressed it was obvious that a community of home-owners would need a central support group to manage security, trash and garbage removal, roads, water and sewer systems, snow removal, TV cable, landscaping, and on-going facility services. Fox Acres Community Services was established in 1980 as the arm of Campbell Construction which would serve that purpose. For the next two decades FACS was operated by a manager who reported to a board made up of Stenzel family members and home owners.

When the Stenzel Family agreed to sell Fox Acres Country Club to the members Community Services was separated from Campbell Development’s business. Thus, in 2003 Fox Acres Community Services Corporation became the independent entity responsible for home owner services. No longer would expenses be subsidized by the Stenzel Family, rather home owner fees would need to meet revenue needs. The Stenzel Family generously donated the equipment yard to the newly formed FACSC. Since that time members have enjoyed a services yard worthy of a small town.

 In 1978, Ray Stenzel commissioned Robert C. Looney, a journalist, to write the "Story of Fox Acres".  The last draft of this document, in Acrobat pdf format, is provided, in three parts, below.  Much has changed since this was written, but it serves to describe much of what happened in the early years, and what was in Mr. Stenzel's planning.


 Story of Fox Acres Part 1
 Story of Fox Acres Part II
 Story of Fox Acres Part III
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